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fox river resort

Fox River ResortRental Guest Reviews


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Art and Connie

September 9, 2018

Thank God I never got taken by an IHG Timeshare Trap.

Enter Stalag 666 alias "Fox River Resort". 1. Drive around for 12 minutes looking for the proper bunker to register. 2. Wait in line for 26 minute behind FOUR people to register for one night, while guests from China wait in car. 3. Search for the proper tenement to occupy...Minority guests spitting on sidewalks. No friendly staff. to direct you. Once again NO SIGNAGE. 4. Arrive at the worn down tenement 12 minutes later and greeted by Three flights of badly stained and filthy stairs. 5. Enter the cell and discover a vacuum cleaner in the middle of our bedroom and a broken microwave sink with no faucet. Furniture abused and scratched. I took photos of all of these "Sights", in case IHG cares to look. 6. For these and other similar experiences I WASTED 35,000 Pts and was embarrassed to international guests.

No, I do not recommend this property.


September 7, 2018

Nice complex

We enjoyed the complex very much. The unit we stayed in was very nice and comfortable. We also liked the location. The children enjoyed the activities.

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 9, 2018

Awesome place

We came here for my sons 4th birthday, and it is a perfect little family getaway. We don’t live far and I couldn’t believe I’d never been to this place. Hotel services aren’t super fancy but they are very clean and offer almost everything if you are a do it yourself and be your own guide type of person. Kids loved it and we ended up staying an extra night just for the swimming, mini golf, water park (only amenity not included in price, figure on $20 per person there), and enjoying the property in general.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Uncle Traveling Matt

August 26, 2018

Nice gem in a quaint rural area.

Not a cabin and not a hotel. The accommodations are somewhere in the middle. Plenty of rooms in the suites with common amenities and cabin-like decor. Plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to do and a roughly 20 minute drive to Starving Rock state park. Only negative is the less than courteous guests that think yelling and banging on walls is ok after 10pm. We are here to relax, not to listen to drunken exploits or neglected kids.

Dustin 34

September 3, 2018

Not bad, but not great either

Really was one thing after another. Started off receiving the wrong room number. So imagine unloading a car fulk, up 3 flights with 2 antsy kids to discover a key does not work. Not an easy fix, as it's a car ride back to main desk. Then to the indoor pool, which was out of service due to a light being lose in the water . So off to outdoor pool, where water was 70 degrees. Off to bed, in the room you hear every other room's door close in the resort, along with the 200 lb hallway door. Next day we try the Pirates Cay, after a long 1st day a beer by the pool sounds good, but wait it's labor Day weekend and the beer vendor didn't show to restock all weekend, so another thing down. Pirates Cay is very neat, our 4 yr old thought it was cool, but nothing there for our 2yr old. Very loud too. Overall, there were some good things and disappointments. Nice to have an option without having to do to the Dells, but someone in management needs to step up their game and make sure everything is as promised.

Yes, I recommend this property.


August 30, 2018

Very nice resort

Love this place and will soon revisit. The two bed room villa was an excellent choice for our family. We were able to cook in the villa with its full stove and refridgerator w/ ice maker. The back deck was right off the living room and allowed me to relax in the evenings.

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 3, 2018

Fox a river.

Although the facilities were decent, I found the overall place in need of a complete update. The furniture was about 20 years old. The bathrooms were veré old. I would like to back after renovations are made.


August 26, 2018

Great stay with family

Was in town for a wedding, also had kids with us. Nothing but good things to say! Plenty of space, nice pools, clean and comfy room with a balcony. Ignore the folks who like to nit pick on here, this is a great getaway for the family!

Yes, I recommend this property.

Mama Rho

August 25, 2018

May be decent for folks with kids

I was so excited to stay at a Holiday inn Resort! I had high hopes of welcoming amenities... including restaurants, at least one bar, outdoor seating... none of this was available. The pictures showed balconies. This is a bait a switch. Doors to buildings and rooms were build for security. That’s nice if you don’t feel secure. “Multiple restaurants” that were advertised were a small grill with subpar food offerings and a subway, on site. Luckily, the offerings of local restaurants were good choices. Local BBQ, Hanks Barn and the Norway Store were perfect! This experience made me decide NOT to do this again. Plus... we were pimped for a presentation on buying a membership. Last, but not least... checkouttime is 10am. They called us at 10:10 to get out!

No, I do not recommend this property.

Air Roll

August 17, 2018

Great resort only problem is wi-fi

Great resort to relax and vacation. Only issue is the wi-fi and lack of business station (which they are in the process of creating). Staff is friendly and courteous.

Yes, I recommend this property.