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July 13, 2019

Great hotel

Love the pool and the lake , too bad we didn't have luck with the water park and the food service

Yes, I recommend this property.


July 10, 2019


If an on-site restaurant could be added to this resort, it would be perfect.

Yes, I recommend this property.


July 1, 2019

Nice Getaway Location

This resort is a great family friendly place and our overall impression was very positive, however, there are a few things to be aware of. Check in was very busy and they were behind on cleaning rooms. Our room was only partially cleaned and we were disappointed to see that there were no toiletries, paper towels or even trash bags in the cans. We didn't make a fuss because we were only there for a 2 day stop over on our way to our final vacation destination. While there are plenty of activities to do with the kids, some of their equipment is old and heavily used (putters for putt-putt and tennis rackets) but we still had fun.

Yes, I recommend this property.


July 8, 2019

Convenient and comfortable

The facility was convenient to our activities for the time we were there. The facility was clean and seemed to be in good repair. However, it was old and dated. Low rise, round, high water use toilets went out 30 years ago. Faux granite and laminate counters are likewise out of date and in the case of the Villages, somewhat creepy. If you need a hotel near Emerald Bay, it is likely the best alternative other than driving into Tyler. to be hit with a timeshare spiel, first at the facility and later in a phone call was slimy.

No, I do not recommend this property.


July 6, 2019


Our stay was so much fun . Will definitely go back . A lil pricey but so well worth it . Everything was perfect . We enjoyed the pool with the kid pool the most . The water park was a lot of fun too . There was putt we enjoyed we enjoyed too and at night we just relaxed and watched movies and played board games !was a perfect lil vacation. We just live 20 min away .

Yes, I recommend this property.


July 3, 2019

Nice Place

4.5 stars Check in needs to be earlier, Check out later. More places to eat would be great! Room we stayed in was very clean and well kept. I would recommend this stay for Families with children.

Yes, I recommend this property.


Not clean

Very dirty hotel. We were not expecting this from a family friendly hotel. We enjoyed the hotel amenities, but couldn't get over the filth in our room. The shower curtain in our room was covered in mold. There was also mold along the side of the bath tub. Previous persons hair in shower. The base boards were filthy making me unable to let the baby crawl on the floor. The headboard was covered in dust making it impossible to lean against it and feed the baby. We did enjoy mini golf, the pool and the board games but the hotel room being this dirty makes us never want to return.

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 30, 2019

Decent weekend getaway for the kids

Overall the hotel is nice. The grounds seem to be slightly neglected and the staff seemed to be very stressed maybe understaffed and no desire to go above and beyond for any guests. The waterpark is nice if you use discounts otherwise its overpriced. Cell service is horrible and the WIFI is very spotty. The extra activities available are nice but they shut down some of the activities earlier than the times posted and no one was available to answer questions regarding the activities.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 29, 2019

Nice rooms and comfortable beds

The Villages is a nice place to go for a family getaway. They have a lot of things for the family to do. The water park is fun for all kids ages. This is a great place to go and you do not have to spend a lot of money.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 28, 2019

Not terrible for the price

We had to wait a while to check in because our room wasn't cleaned yet. When we were allowed to go, it still had sacks of laundry and trash piled in front of the door. Carpets were stained. Didn't feel very clean. Room was a nice size and appointed well (although dated). The pools were average. The mini golf turf was in pretty bad shape. Water Park access costs extra. It was in a nice location and the grounds were overall in good shape. For the money, it wasn't a bad place. I have stayed at other Holiday Inn Vacation places that were considerably nicer though.