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together at heart

Meet the Horses of Piney Shores Resort!

Add some giddy up to your day and give a holler to the horses of Piney Shores Ranch. Did you know our Piney Shores Resort is home to 10 happy and hearty horses? “Whoa!” Our guests love horseback riding on our beautiful trails near Lake Conroe, but our team members love each of our horses’ unique personalities. After all, they’ve gotten to know them all really well as they take great care of them each and every day. So, we thought it was about time to tell you a “tail” about the gang at Piney Shores Ranch.

Watch this video to check out their homestead in Conroe, Texas, see what they’ve been up to and learn their names and quirks. And next time you’re in town (when it’s safe to get on the road again, of course), trot on over to the ranch to say “hay.” They might even say, “Neigh!” right back.