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together at heart

Enjoy a Virtual Sunset Happy Hour at Hill Country Resort

There’s nothing quite like watching a gorgeous sunset to unwind after a long day. And a Canyon Lake, Texas sunset is no exception! Here’s some pro tips on how to fully enjoy this virtual vacation video:

  • Step 1: Gather ‘round or watch solo. Round up your stay-at-home crew to watch together or, schedule in a blissful little bit of “me” time.
  • Step 2: Grab a cold drink. We’d recommend our signature Hill Country ‘Melon Margarita. (Pssst: that’s what’s shown in this video! Cheers!)
  • Step 3: Get comfy. Whether it’s on the couch, an Adirondack chair in your yard or a cozy spot by your sunset-facing window, settle in for this hour-long Hill Country sunset view.
  • Step 4: Press play, turn your audio on and enjoy. This serene setting is overlooking Canyon Lake from our very own Hill Country Resort. Spoiler alert: If you like the quintessential summertime sounds of crickets chirping, you’re in for a real treat toward the end!