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Enjoy Some Virtual Vacation Videos from Home

Beach views at Cape Canaveral Beach ResortBeach views at Cape Canaveral Beach Resort

Take a break and unwind with picturesque views and soothing sounds that’ll have you fantasizing about your next vacation.

Here are some tips to maximize your virtual vacation experience:

  • Expand the video to full screen by clicking the button all the way on the right in the video player
  • Be sure to turn the sound on to hear the soothing sounds of your vacation destination

Hill Country Resort | Canyon Lake, Texas

There’s nothing quite like watching a gorgeous sunset to unwind after a long day. And a Canyon Lake, Texas sunset is no exception!

Galveston Beach Resort | Galveston, Texas

Envision yourself strolling across the soft, sandy beach as you admire the beauty of this Gulf Coast sunrise (without losing a wink of sleep).

Cape Canaveral Beach Resort, Florida

Imagine sinking your toes into the sand as you watch this sunrise and listen to the crashing waves.

Orange Lake Resort | Orlando, Florida

Sit back and relax as you “float” down the lazy river and let the sounds of the waterfall wash over you.

Orange Lake Resort | Orlando, Florida

Picture yourself enjoying the gentle sway of a cozy hammock as you watch the clouds drift by in the beautiful blue Florida sky.

Panama City Beach Resort | Panama City Beach, Florida

Pretend you’re strolling onto your very own villa balcony to see the clear blue ocean water with the calming sounds of the beach surrounding you.