The Hot Spring Tubs and Pool are currently closed due to plumbing issues that are being addressed. We will provide an update as soon as we can.

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September 10, 2020

3 Day Escape

We had an outstanding stay at this property. Upon arrival the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Due to the current pandemic we had to have ice delivered to the room. The ice arrived within 10 to 15 minutes, certainly much faster than I thought it would be. The bed was extremely comfortable, the living room was comfortable and made our stay very enjoyable. The restaurant on site was outstanding. Our waitress Cindi was excellent. She provided service above and beyond and was extremely friendly. The location, near Southlake Tahoe was a real plus. The view from the drive from the resort to Lake Tahoe is hard to beat.

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 7, 2020

COVID sucks

We were surprised to find that the main attraction to Walley’s was closed. This being the hot tubs. I was not notified of these closures when I made the reservation. I found out the day before we checked in during the confirmation call. I’m still confused on how the pools were open but the hot tubs were closed. There were up to 15 people in the heated pool while we were there with a handful of guests sitting in chairs. Why not limit the hot tubs to two or four people per (depending on tub size)? An employee was monitoring the pool, couldn’t they monitor the tubs and ask people to limit their sit to 20 minutes?

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 4, 2020

No care for the customer

I wish my first impression was better, customer service need to be retrained and after my conversation any room at that point would have been great just so I could get some rest.

No, I do not recommend this property.


August 26, 2020

Most things closed due to covid

Room was clean, service was great. The welcome packet and website suggested there was a spa and mineral pools available which is the only reason we chose to stay here. Upon arrival, we learned that the spa has been closed for over a year, as there is no spa staff available. The mineral pools are also closed, due to covid restrictions, however there was no mention of this on the website. This is understandable, however it would have been good to know prior to booking at this location.

No, I do not recommend this property.


August 21, 2020

Best Covid Experience

We felt safe and well taken care off. Every one social distanced and wore masks.

Yes, I recommend this property.


August 22, 2020

Villa one king bed.

I was call to make sure that we will get the room and request for Mountain View but when we’re arrived we’ve got a Westland view which is face to playground, so the room wasn’t clean on surfaces, many hairs and dust we have to clean all the villa room again and that first night we’re arriving at 11 am. and able to sleep at 2 am. Cause we’re have to load all stuffed in and trying to make the room clean as much as possible. It was disappointed and worthwhile in my vacation that I have been waiting for to staying here We’re not satisfied. Anyway there are some good things is this place is pretty and the front desk Service is so sweet. unfortunately this time is not right for us for us to stay because of COVID and smoke from wildfires.

No, I do not recommend this property.


August 17, 2020

Beautiful views

I got married this past weekend and need a place to stay to get ready and also relax the next day. The room was a perfect set up for meals, snacks and relaxing. Watching the sun rise and set over the valley was amazing! The beds were very comfortable making it easy to catch up and sleep and relax

Yes, I recommend this property.


August 13, 2020

Very nice resort

Pretty decent rooms, hot springs closed unfortunately.

Yes, I recommend this property.


August 4, 2020

Beautiful property

The resort was nice but the bed was hard Due to COVID the hot tubs were not operable however the pool was nice. It was semi heated

Yes, I recommend this property.


July 26, 2020

Amazing overall

This is a hidden gem. Will stay here moving forward whenever I come up for Lake Tahoe. 25 min drive from South Lake Tahoe. Great service, great rooms, and great price. What more can you ask for?!

Yes, I recommend this property.