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Ready. Set. Summer!

It’s time to head outside, hit up cool pools & soak up some sunshine.

Young child playing in pool at Orange Lake Resort near Orlando, Florida.Young child playing in pool at Orange Lake Resort near Orlando, Florida.

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Explore Our Resorts

Take a road trip to the beach, visit a charming town or venture off-the-beaten-path on a nature-filled mountain retreat. All of our resorts are designed with families in mind.

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Safe Travels

Our Safe Travels program adds extra cleaning, even more space to spread out and ways everyone can do their part to safely enjoy our resorts.

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Understanding Membership

See how becoming a Holiday Inn Club member can help you commit to vacationing with your family more often and create wonderful travel traditions together.

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Featured Resort

Get ready for a summer getaway full of splashes, outdoor adventures, seasonal activities (like poolside games and outdoor movie nights!) and more. At Desert Club Resort in Las Vegas, you can keep cool in the pools, take our free shuttle (or walk!) to the Strip just a block away, day trip to the Grand Canyon and find a whole lot more fresh-air, sunny fun all around.

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