Due to winter storm damage, there is construction and restoration work taking place in some areas of the resort. Please be aware of potential dirt, noise and/or accessibility issues. Additionally, due to significant damage, villa availability has been reduced while we work on these restorations.

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June 11, 2020

Peaceful and relaxing stay

I loved that we had the option for a 3 bedroom, so my large family could stay together. It was so peaceful, clean and well stocked!

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 9, 2020

Affordable and Great Location

Great location, away from the busy city in Galveston. You can relax and enjoy a short walk to the ocean. The rooms were spacious. The rooms needed to be cleaned better but overall it’s a great hotel for the price!

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 7, 2020

A great property but management needs to up its game

This is a tale of two resorts. The setting, the facility, and the rooms are beautiful, but if you are the sort to look beyond what's on the surface, the place lacks lustre. At issue are the little things, so if you don't bring high expectations, read no further, book a room, and enjoy. But if you are particular, you might want to read on - and book a different resort. This was our second stay. The first was in late November 2019. The list of “little things” was long, but we liked the place so much we decided to give it a second try post-COVID. Overall, the second time was better, but management didn’t seem to take our input seriously in 2019; we won’t bother with a third visit. Issues: leaks under the bathroom sink (Nov-19 and Jun-20); clumps of hair in the master bath and MBR (Nov-19); cork puller that didn’t work; dirty tray for ice bucket etc.; mattress pad for the sofa-sleeper did not fit and was in shreds and the sofa-sleeper was the most uncomfortable ever; towel for bathroom floor in one bathroom but not the other; glass shower door incorrectly so that it did not close (mess… wish there’d been a floor towel). Most impressively, the stainless steel sink basin in the master bath detached and fell into the cabinet (Nov-19). Also, some guest (a wedding party perhaps?) was allowed to set up a tent at the end of the footbridge to the beach and play loud music past 1:30 AM. Between that and the sofa sleeper, it was not a restful get-a-way. The kitchen stools make an awful racket when moved (even carefully), so if you do decide to try this place, you might demand a unit on the top floor so you don't have to listen to the upstairs guests move the chairs at all hours. Wonderfully, the kitchen comes equipped with an amazing espresso machine and packages ground coffee (including espresso roast) that are quite good, but I can’t understand the need to do origami with Mr. Coffee basket filters when 200 cone filters cost $3.99 at Kroger. Finally, the coup de grâce was the hot tub. When it works, it’s about the best one anywhere. Seriously. But the three-month CIVID shutdown was apparently not long enough for them to make sure the jets were working. So, nice view, but just hot water – very disappointing. But that is representative of the overall lack of detail. As stated, “a great property but management needs to up its game.”

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 7, 2020

Not what I Reserved!

Shower did not work. Coffee pot wS OLD, only decaf was supplied. My original call to a central agent was to be on the beach side! We were contacted one week before original date that reservation was canceled and rebook, which I did for the following weekend. The girl who checked me in was abrupt and did not want to listen. I was in the Very back of the lot on bay side! Not what I originally booked. Suite was Less than Updated!

Cross Clan

March 13, 2020

LIED TO on several occasions about amenities

Upon booking the reservation we originally booked for the signature series which we have stayed before and had no idea we were not there until days before our trip. When we received confirmation and mistake we called back and we were told we would have access to amenities across the street at the signature series. When we found the pool to be freezing and not heated we wanted to go ahead and exercise the use of the heated pool across the street But was told we could not. So the kids did not get to swim at all! It makes me very angry because the one thing we were all looking forward to once we arrived was to go swimming...

No, I do not recommend this property.

Dee spears

March 11, 2020

was not happy

very disappointed in the way your deceived into thinking that you were across from the beach with easy access..how they have a heated pool..they do if you have the abillty to have a card to get into it....not happy at all...should have read all the reviews before booking

No, I do not recommend this property.


March 21, 2020

Good location

This hotel was close to the beach and that's what we came for but that's all the good that I can say about it. The staff assured us that they took extra care when cleaning due to coronavirus, but the room wasn't very clean at all. The room had an awful smell, the showers had mold, the patio was covered with bird droppings. The staff did come and clean the patio after I complained on the second day. The advert claimed that the pool was heated, but we weren't allowed access to the heated pool, had to use the non-heated pool.

No, I do not recommend this property.


March 10, 2020

Ok rooms, fun amenities, too many little issues, avoid the timeshare pres

Short story, we like the amenities and the room is ok, but we won't be staying there again. We stayed at this place because we could get a 3-bedroom (we have six kids), and the on-site amenities. The rooms were fine, we had a problem with the ceiling leaking briefly and the shower not working that great, but it was otherwise just fine. The amenities are fun, and the kids had fun mini-golfing and playing shuffleboard and horseshoes. We had an issue checking in, and apparently the front clerks can't use the IHG confirmation number (this is owned by IHG) to look up your confirmation! The kitchen isn't very well stocked, the location isn't great to Galveston, but we like the beach here. Both times we've stayed, our key hasn't worked the first time and we have to drive back to the front office to get a new key. If it was just that, I'd give it a 3 or 4. But this is a place that sells timeshares. We don't have one, but have stayed there twice. Every time you try to get a parking pass at check-in, you have to talk to the timeshare people. They try to sell you on listening to a timeshare presentation before they will give you a parking pass. On our second visit, we decided to do the presentation for tickets to Moody Gardens. We told them we had bad experiences in the past with timeshare presentations going over time, etc., but she SWORE this one would stick to the 90 minutes. We went and started the conversation saying our 6 kids were waiting for us, and we promised them we'd be gone only 90 minutes. After the presenter wasted over 30 minutes on small talk and we kept reminding her we had only 90 minutes, we were still there after 2.5 hours, telling them "No" over and over again, with them completely not listening. Then they blamed us for the time going over, saying we must have been talking too much. Finally, we angrily insisted on leaving even if we didn't get the gift and they let us go with our tickets to Moody Gardens. So between the issues with check-in, leaking ceiling, sales pitch starting at check-in, and complete disrespect for our time or discussion during their presentation, we are NEVER going back here.

No, I do not recommend this property.


March 11, 2020

Not what I expected

Be sure that you are booking in the signature collection to receive all the benefits, like workout room, heated pool and view of gulf. The villas are located across the street, no where near the beach. Walking distance for adults, not for kids. Putt putt golf was good for kids, but we were expected a heated pool, not so much. The website was misleading, well for me anyways, it was not clear what rooms included the amenities. I think the stay would be awesome, but you must room in the signature collection series.

No, I do not recommend this property.


March 9, 2020

Very comfortable

This hotel was not what I expected to walk into, it was home away from home, lots of space,clean, well decorated, very comfortable beds ...

Yes, I recommend this property.