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orange lake resort

Orange Lake ResortRental Guest Reviews


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February 12, 2020

The hotel is fine, the grounds are enormous

There really should be a notification that you need a car to stay here. The shuttle ride to breakfast from the main building is 20 minutes. The shuttle doesn't start until 8 even though breakfast starts at 7. So it is impossible to get to Disney/Universal park openings at 9 if you need the shuttle. The front desk actually suggested we call Uber to get to breakfast! On their own property! It is a fine hotel/resort if you have a car, I suppose. We stayed 3 nights in a studio with no housekeeping service.

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 2, 2020

A Special Celebration

My youngest sister was 65 years old in January, so my other sister and I planned a celebration for her. We got a 3-bedroom villa for a nice 5-day stay so our husbands could golf every day and we girls could go our own way. The villa was ready earlier than usual which was a great relief. We enjoyed breakfasts at Breezes and drinks at River Island when we were all together. My sisters both have friends in Orlando so we spent some fun time with them, and the b’day girl asked to go to Mt Dora for her first time. Her surprise party worked out the best! This was our second getaway to Orange Lake and it turned out terrific!

Yes, I recommend this property.

Chicago J

February 12, 2020

Great place to spend a few days

Very nice resort with many amenities and a good feel for spending time with family. Easy access to Orlando offerings, yet plenty to do in the resort. Close to restaurants and activies outside of the parks as well. Clean rooms, nice staff, great pools, plenty of room to roam

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 11, 2020

Rude sales people

I went to a presentation for a timeshare to get more information and learn more about them. Once they realized that I was not interested in buying into one, the "sales manager" was EXTREMELY rude to me. She attempted shoving the timeshare down my throat, and told me that I wasn't able to afford one but should buy into it anyway. She tried very hard to attack me personally but I did not let her and I ended up walking away without the timeshare

No, I do not recommend this property.


February 5, 2020

Nice Villa

Enjoyed staying in a 3 bedroom villa while vacationing all the local attractions. Resort itself has many amenities that we did not have time to enjoy.

Yes, I recommend this property.


January 31, 2020

Had to change rooms

When I made a reservation back in the fall I ask that I be able to have two consistent weeks I am an owner of one week and I wanted to rent an additional week at the time of my reservation the reservation person told me that there would be no problem with this as I was making this reservation well in advance. Upon checking in they have no information regarding this sadly took almost an hour to complete my check in as they try to investigate what happened. The young man who was attempting to check me in was not friendly and could not provide me with any information instead he blankly looked at his screen and said nothing to me ....they were long periods of silence instead of him offering me any type of reassurance or explanation. The awkwardness of this check in was so bad that even his colleagues on either side of them were offering me reassurances where he continued to just stand there and say nothing and look around the front desk and that his screen making no eye contact with me and offering me no verbal reassurance. A supervisor came to help them at one point and could not do anything more for me sadly after one week stay I had to move to another room. As you can imagine moving halfway through my stay was very disruptive and actually rob me of a half day of vacation. This was a very poor start of my vacation at Orange Lake fortunately the rest of my stay was very good.

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 6, 2020

Great resort

The hotel overall is amazing. The property has a lot to do and multiple restaurants. The rooms were clean and the staff was friendly. The only downside I had during my trip was the service at “Breezes” even when there were only 3 tables occupied I still had to go find my waitress to get refills after waiting 10 mins.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Hosier traveler

February 6, 2020

Great facility with great service

Enjoyed our stay and will return "someday". Beautiful grounds. Great proximity to other attractions in the area.

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 5, 2020

Not bad, but...

The complex is great... a ton of things to do. The 2 main issues I had were: 1) wifi internet was terrible! It was off and on (mostly off) the entire week and was unable to get any work done while there. It was a dealbreaker for me. 2) our room felt like a storage unit... no outside windows. It made it difficult to know what time it was because you can't see daylight. I should have asked about that.

No, I do not recommend this property.

iTravel Biz

February 2, 2020

Spring Training

Nice Location close to Orlando Parks. Onsite actives and golfing are plentiful.