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south beach resort

South Beach ResortRental Guest Reviews

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March 13, 2016

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Clean Resort Pushy and Hateful Timeshare Salesman

We went on a timeshare tour because we REALLY wanted to purchase a timeshare for our family. First off these tours never on take 90 minutes. Our salesman was very rude and when we kept telling him we weren't interested he kept talking over us and literally he kept putting the pen in our hand trying to force us to sign and also kept filling out the paper when we were saying NO!!! His name was Scotty and he was VERY RUDE!!!! We kept telling him that we were passed check out time and our children were waiting on us. Even though the oldest is 14 we were still saying no because we had a 7 1/2 hour drive back to GA, but he kept talking over us. Then we I finally just said NO!!! I'm not changing my mind and I need to get my kids his exact words to my wife and myself were "Shame on you for being here this long and not buying anything. You've neglected your children this long and walking away empty handed. You two should be ashamed.!" As he walked away! I am a Spire Elite member and wanted a timeshare but he was just entirely too rude!!! Who does that and let's their employees talk to people in such a way? I am really disappointed and unhappy! This was the last day of our vacation and it ended that way!!!

Yes, I recommend this property.

March 10, 2016

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非常適合家庭或是好友們一同入住,可享用寬敞的客廳、飯廳及廚房。 備品俱全並且很好用,房間裝潢的也很棒。

Yes, I recommend this property.


March 6, 2016

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Could have been great

Check out time is too early and you can' check in until 4pm which is not comparable to the price out of season. Room, facilities, and area are excellent.

Yes, I recommend this property.


March 5, 2016

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Very Nice Property

Although we only stayed for one night, we found the property to be very nice and the suite was superb. The only downside was that the television in the living area had an annoying glitch in the screen quality and the domestic hot water capacity/supply wasn't adequate. If IHG had more of these resorts to choose from, we might find it to be a good investment.

Yes, I recommend this property.


March 1, 2016

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no mirrors

my only issue was that there was only 1 mirror in the whole unit and it was in the bathroom; the room could use more mirrors and at least one full length mirror.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Mae Sue 28

February 28, 2016

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Great facility and great service

We planned this weekend getaway to have fun and spend time alone with each other. The facility was absolutely the best we have visited. Everything about our stay was excellent. the staff was very friendly and the facility was very clean . Rooms were beautifully decorated with everything in place to make stay comfortable. We definitely plan to return for another stay at the excellent resort.

Yes, I recommend this property.


March 2, 2016

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myrtle beach facility

I rate this facility excellent in all services and accomadations. The staff were friendly and would go above and beyond to meet your needs. The 1 bedroom suite was very clean and comfortable. The bed was comfortable,overall space was great, the kitchen and bathroom was clean. The outdoor areas was very nice and well maintained.My only request would be to keep it well maintained as it is now.

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 20, 2016

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Great value during off season visit Great room and roominess of the room Location central to many ammenities

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 13, 2016

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South Beach Resort

Great resort, convenient to shopping, beach access, small museum across the street. Great sidewalk for running or walking. Pier across the street, Friendly customer service.

Yes, I recommend this property.


February 7, 2016

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weird check out times, pushy staff

First, check in at 4pm, and check out at 10am, which is very limiting by my standards. They might be able to be somewhat flexible on that but not much for the reason unknown - this was a dead season, they are definitely not fully booked. Probably just a not-guest friendly policy, and they will make you feel they are doing you a huge favor. The property is very confusing to navigate, took me some time to find the check in building, almost no signs of Holiday Inn around. I got the standard room, bundled in one unit with another room, sharing the same small corridor with a washing machine in there (my next-doors used it at 1am, good luck getting some sleep). The room is your regular Holiday Inn room with a kitchenette, clean enough, but not really updated. My shower didn't work, I called the reception and was promised that a maintenance guy is on his way. 40 minutes later noone came, so I had to call back because I was already late for my meeting and really needed to shower after a long journey. After they fixed the shower, and I was taking it, the fire alarm went off - the next doors in my unit apparently tried to use the fireplace. Took the hotel about 15 minutes to fix that, while I was wondering in the shower what was going on. FYI no housekeeping provided. They clean the room when you move out. The staff is extremely formal, bordering on "pushy".

No, I do not recommend this property.