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safe travels

Safe Travels Checklist

Holiday Inn Club Vacations® is committed to giving you vacation experiences you’ll love and a safe stay you can trust.

That’s why we’re introducing Safe Travels, a new program that “checks the boxes” on the higher safety standards we’ve all come to expect. While the information below is always subject to change, these are the measures we’re currently implementing to welcome you and your family back to our resorts.

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We’re doing a lot of extra cleaning by:

  • Using hospital-grade disinfectant on high-touch public areas and restrooms every one to two hours
  • Following CDC best practices to thoroughly disinfect villas with even higher cleaning standards
  • Adding door seals to each villa after it has been cleaned and sanitized, confirming you’re the first to walk into a fresh, clean space
  • Removing bed scarves and decorative pillows from all villas
  • Continuing to thoroughly disinfect rental equipment and key cards between uses
  • Either disinfecting pens between each use or disposing of single-use pens, based on location and available supplies
  • Continuing to maintain pristine swimming pool chemistry based on local health department directives that are designed and effectively proven to kill viruses
  • Plus, rest easy knowing that housekeeping and maintenance will ask for your permission before entering your villa if and when you request services

We’re giving you even more space to spread out by:

  • Allowing fewer people at any given time in shared resort spaces and pool areas
  • Installing floor graphics in the lobby that show guests where to stand to provide proper spacing between one another
  • Rearranging and reducing seating at the pool, lobby and future dining areas to give everyone more personal space
  • Implementing a new virtual queue that will text you when it’s your turn to enter the lobby for check-in. (This’ll also help minimize wait times during peak check-in periods.)
  • Encouraging guests to use our express check-out, to avoid another trip to the lobby on your way out
  • Installing plexiglass dividers at front desks to protect guests and team members

We’re sharing ways everyone can do their part to safely enjoy our resorts by:

  • Offering hand sanitizer throughout our resorts, as much as supplies will allow
  • Providing comprehensive safety and sanitization training for all team members, with special attention on CDC-recommended guidelines for interacting with guests
  • Equipping team members around the property with face masks and single-use gloves
  • Displaying resort signage and providing tips for how our guests and team members can personally help make Safe Travels possible
  • Offering disinfecting wipes upon request as availability allows. Given current limitations, wipes may not always be available, so we recommend you also bring your own for extra peace of mind.
  • Asking all guests to wear a face mask (or face covering) when in public spaces at all of our resorts, but especially at resort destinations where face masks are explicitly required by local or state mandates.

You can help keep our resorts a safe place to vacation by:

  • Staying home if you are or have been sick recently
  • Making sure you’re washing your hands thoroughly and often
  • Maintaining the new golden rule of staying at least 6 feet between other guests and team members. (This includes your time in the water at our pools, please.)

How to Plan Your Vacation Meals for Now:

We’re working hard on ways to safely offer your favorite vacation eats and treats.

Where and when we offer food and beverage at our resorts, we’re:

  • Thoroughly cleaning tables, chairs and booths after each departure
  • Removing bulk condiments
  • Using new cups for all beverage refills
  • Rearranging seating in dining areas to give everyone more personal space
  • Creating enhanced to-go dining options at our restaurants and marketplaces
  • Educating our team members with CDC-compliant Food & Beverage-specific safety and sanitization training.

You may want to plan on bringing groceries to cook in your villa’s full-sized kitchen, grabbing take-out from a local restaurant, or dining off-property during your upcoming visits for now. Some of our resorts even have food delivery services, like Uber Eats, available.

Where to find more information:

For answers to the questions you might have on your mind, please visit our FAQ page.

If you need additional, more immediate help:

  • Call (877) 606-2582 for club member support
  • Call (888) 657-3529 for non-club member owner support
  • Call (844) 428-7829 for IHG resort guest reservations
  • Call (800) 353-1966 for vacation packages

Thank you for being a part of our vacation family. When you’re ready to vacation, we’re ready to welcome you back and wish you…Safe Travels.

All information on this page is subject to change. We will be updating this page regularly.