Due to anticipated high occupancy, Day Use benefits at Hill Country Resort are unavailable during the month of July.

The Texas winter storm caused significant damages to certain building exteriors and guest villas at our Hill Country Resort. As a result, availability has been reduced and guests visiting this resort may experience construction and restoration work taking place on-property during their stay. Please be advised that these changes will be in effect over the next several months.

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June 15, 2021

Stressful Stay!

Upon arrival for check in, explained to the front desk lady that my husband was stranded in the lake and was waiting for us. We had driven here and had luggage/groceries we still had to put away. Even after telling her we were in a hurry, she tried to give us a sales pitch, trying to get us to go to some presentation. I explained to her over 3 times that I didn’t have time to discuss that right now; that we needed to get to our rooms. She became rude and unhelpful. I asked her if she could explain where the rooms were. She said “I gave you a map; it’s on there.” I then asked if she could save time and guide us real quick. She said “It’s right there, across the street”. After 30 minutes trying to locate, I was becoming near tears and was stressing about getting to my husband. I called the front desk from my cell and a very nice lady stayed on the phone until we located there correct building. At that point, we frantically rushed to get everything unloaded (we had frozen/cold items needing to be put away) and in the process I broke a nail. I know that sounds petty but I just had them done for vacation and they were expensive - plus it hurt so bad! At this point, I did cry. The rooms were dingy and had yucky stained floors. One of our rooms didn’t have a working phone. We had to use the other rooms phone to call for assistance. We stayed for 3 nights, had 2 square Separate rooms. Not one time did anyone come to clean or provide additional soap etc. I called to ask for additional towels after the second night. They brought one towel. We had a total of 7 people. So, I had to call again. I feel like I could not get out of the horrible experience I had upon checking in. That lady really ruined our experience and made for a very uncomfortable/stressful stay.

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 13, 2021

Canyon Lake / Hill Country Mini-Vacation

We try to book the same accommodations every year around the same time. The last couple of years this has been an excellent value for our vacation and relaxation. The Suites are usually well equipped for our stay and the view is excellent. Love it here and intend on returning. Thank You

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 7, 2021

Major hygiene issues!

We arrived at the hotel later than expected and only had a few minutes to put our bag in the room and quickly freshen up so we weren’t late for our concert. I considered a quick shower but there were hairs in the tub and it didn’t look very clean so I decided against it. I proceeded to open the toilet lid and found someone else’s feces sitting in there. Yes, someone else’s feces had been left behind in what was supposed to be our clean and “disinfected” room. I flushed the toilet and left for the concert. After the concert we opted to drive two hours home instead of sleeping in that (or any) room at this hotel. I emailed the property the next morning to tell them what happened. No response. Emailed them again two days later. Still no response.

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 13, 2021


Great room very clean and great property to stay at. A lot of pools and stuff to do.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 10, 2021

Great stay

Perfect for families and a chance to get away. Staff is very nice and accommodating. Great stay.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 9, 2021

Very Nice property, But Rude Time Share Pushers

We liked everything about this property with one exception. Right up front I told the person checking us in I was not interested in anything offered related to time share purchase I was not going to any lecture about time shares I made myself very clear, I thought very clear but the young lady still tried to tell me i could get discounts on affiliate entertainment opportunities and wasted several mins of my time, because the bottom line was that we would need to listen to a time share spill. It aggravated me very much because she totally ignored what I had been very upfront and honest about and still tried to manipulate me into hearing a time share spill. Why is "I'm not interested" never enough for those folks. I WILL NEVER EVER PURCHASE A TIME SHARE, I don't even want a time share gifted to me.

Yes, I recommend this property.


May 31, 2021

Over all good service

Only thing was we didn't have room service, when arrived, short on towels. The other first had there sheets in a bag in front of our room. Stayed their till then next day.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 7, 2021


We booked a room very last minute and we’re not disappointed!! The only thing I would recommend is making sure to stay at the main property otherwise you have to shuttle/drive to access all of the amenities. The apartments were huge, nice kitchen (includes all kitchen necessities) beds were soft and luxurious. Jetted tub in the master was a plus! We will definitely visit again.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 7, 2021

Not the best get away

The entire check in approach is a bit distasteful. The room was underwhelming.

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 6, 2021

Uncomfortable Weekend

I stayed in the ambassador. The room that we stayed in was infested with spiders and bugs.

No, I do not recommend this property.