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Lake Geneva ResortRental Guest Reviews


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Business Traveler

January 6, 2018

Amazing resort but missing details

resort is beautiful and amazing food. just was disappointed with the fact that had a room request need and due to the fact that the actual check in is not the same group that can make modifications to the room. was difficult. I would recommend actually staying at the Geneva Resort rather than Holiday Inn.

No, I do not recommend this property.


December 29, 2017

Property great rooms not so much

The Holiday Inn Vacation Club at Grand Geneva allows guests to utilize The Grand Geneva facilities which is a plus. However, I don't think I've ever stayed in a place where the walls were so thin. You could actually hear conversations of the people in the room next to us. The Villa was not overwhelmingly clean, the bed was uncomfortable .

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 26, 2017

Great Resort

Amazing resort and vacation club suite is great. Full kitchen, living room with cozy fireplace, hot tub, extra sink in hot tub area and isolated bath room. Perfect.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 31, 2017

Representative needs training

The Grand Geneva is absolutely beautiful. The grounds, the atmosphere, the general vibe; especially around the holidays. As a Spire Elite member we are not new to the Vacation Club, and have stayed at Orange Lake in Florida numerous times as well. For whatever reason, the Holiday Inn Club at Grand Geneva cannot seem to get a grasp on hospitality. The representative is exceptionally unprofessional, condescending, and abrasive. We come as a large group every year for the New Year celebrations. On average, there's a group of about 20 of us. Every year we follow the guidelines of the hospitality industry. We call IHG, put the request in with the representative directly at the Grand, and arrive early to request in person. Every single year we are disappointed. It is not the expectation that the rooms will be adjoining, or even on the same floor. However, there are multiple large buildings and our group was scattered all about; unacceptable in below degree temperatures. The request to have rooms closer was denied. In attempting to gain clarification as to how to prevent this in the future, the representative was the least bit accommodating. Instead, she deflected, blamed others, and scolded us. At one point, She literally stated, “we go through this every year". If you're acknowledging that this occurs every year, why won't you work with us to rectify the situation or at least prevent it in the future? We spend thousands of dollars each year on the rooms, dinner, cocktails, skiing, etc. Do better IHG, you are literally pushing loyal guests away.


December 23, 2017

excellent holiday activities in the resort

The resort created a wonderful holiday atmosphere. Everything was there except for the snow which came the next day.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 22, 2017

Joefejes24 Travel

Great experience Had a great time skiing was great The Front Desk needs help and better Training for IHG members

Yes, I recommend this property.

TT Lenny

December 10, 2017

Excellent Stay

This place was very convenient for all ages. They had plenty of amenities and activities for all ages. The room was nice and well equipped.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 13, 2017

Almost everything is great..

My only complains are: 1) Toiletries - Honestly, the quality of toiletries provided is rather atrocious. The moisturizer doesn't moisturize and the soap leaves an incredibly oily feel on the skin. Not a big deal for a one-time trip, but I stay here a lot. 2) Water - There's something off about the water. It tastes weird and doesn't feel right. I bring a filter with me now because of that. Not ideal - if the property would consider adding either a tap filtration unit or into the fridge, that'd be ideal. Overall, though, really nice facility and amenities. Great for a business traveler too.

Yes, I recommend this property.


November 20, 2017

Excellent Getaway

Enjoyed the ability to lounge about in the room and sitting area.

Yes, I recommend this property.


November 19, 2017

Not all resort rooms are same

Be aware that there are multiple buildings, and the better rooms are located in buildings 500