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orange lake resort

Orange Lake ResortRental Guest Reviews


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June 15, 2021

Overall Good experience

Nice resort but small master bathroom. Plenty of different types of pools and nice food choices with reasonable prices

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 15, 2021

Nice but needed cleaning

Clean the units better. It was really gross to bath with black mold in the bathroom jacuzzi filters for my baby and I and other peoples body hair everywhere. The kitchen countertop not wiped down with previous guest crumbs throughout made me very uncomfortable and uneasy with or without covid going on. Resort itself is very well kept from common areas to landscaping. We're staying here again at some point so I hope they improve on cleanliness.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Zac c

June 12, 2021

Great place and well maintained

Great place to stay in this area. Tons to do in resort

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 11, 2021

great getaway

wonderful stay except guest smoking outside the hotels and on steps and leaving cigarette butts all over.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 17, 2021

Great resort / Poor Check-in

Check in time was 4:00 pm and I was told my villa should be ready at 6:00 pm. I was also told that housekeeping would call me when my room was ready. I was never called, so I located my villa and checked myself in. Poor service, but the resort was nice.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 14, 2021

Expect more for your money

I traveled from new Hampshire to the resort.i had a water park 2 bedroom villa for a group of girls . along with a single room for my dad. I wanted to be close but we weren't. I had a car full of groceries. It took an hour to check in. They are constantly trying to sell you something. My ice maker wasn't working in my waterpark villa and in my other room the refrigerator wasn't even on , the smaller room had access to an ice maker unlike the villa. The ice maker was off but even when we turned it on. It barely made ice. I had to buy ice. Then the toilet in the master bathroom barely worked. Had to flush multiple times. It wasn't fixed along with the ice maker in the villa. everythng else in the rooms were amazing. From bathing , to sleeping, to plenty of room. The kitchens were awesome. From utensils to dishes . I was told when I made my reservation I was allowed my own tubes in the lazy river. You are not allowed. You are allowed anything in the other pools except the water park/ lazy river location. They want you to rent tubes that you are not guaranteed a tube. So you are pretty much paying for something not guaranteed. You are allowed noodles though. What I was told they do not have enough tubes for there guest. again you are allowed anything else in the other pools. Some of my group did the jet skis. They were fun. You pay for a half an hour. After ten minutes on the water. They took them off because of lightning. Instead of a refund they give you a rain check. Also no housekeeping. Be prepared for that. Use towels given to you in your room for the entire stay. Plan on your own cleaning. Bring what you need. If you go back. Plenty to do on sight , if you pay. Room was comfortable for a big group. Just different places on the resort have different rules.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 13, 2021

Not what it used to be

My most recent visit here was subpar to say the least. I understand with covid in all things could be a little different. Though I think we are past that. Restaurants and bars closing at 9 pools closing early Etc. People go to resort to have a good time and enjoy life. Being spire Elite with i h g means nothing at all. My last two stays at this Resort I I was treated below average. No upgrade offered, no late check out offered, not able to use free night i had that is supposed to have no blackout dates. Dont bother trying to gain any higher status as it gains you nothing. I will start now using another points card bon voy or H honors. So now about my stay. Check in is a disaster. Long Waits, wait for a text in the parking lot, just a mess. Being Spire Elite you may think you would get something but I got a room at the end of the world that was a lock off. Now the room was recently okay though I had an issue with the bathroom. One of my children use the bathroom and the toilet clogged, he went back to bed and the toilet didn't shut off. By the time he noticed it was still running there was over an inch of water on the floor running out all over the carpets. Waking me up at 5 a.m. I go in to turn off the shut off on the toilet and that don't work. I am finally able to get it to stop viewing water all over the place while I'm standing flooded in water. So I use all the towels I have in a place to absorb the water up. Hopefully saving two people below wash from getting water dripped on their heads while they sleep. The next day I call let someone know at the desk know that we had this issue and if they could send someone to resolve it the carpets were drenched with water that flowed out of the bathroom. They say no problem we will get someone to take care of it go about your day. So none the last one return there was nothing done my carpet still soaked no towels Etc. It was our last night so I didn't bother we went to bed and we're checking out the next day but I heard nothing from anyone. Needless to say we have stayed here probably 10 times and the last two were terrible and we may consider not staying here anymore. This was our go to resort but no longer as the quality of service and amenities gone downhill. So I have a whole lot of points build up I have free nights available for no reason they just don't let you use them anyways. Nor will they ever offer an upgrade I'll give you an upgrade or respond to any of your issues you may have.

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 7, 2021


My family has owned property for over 20 years at Orange Lake. My previous experience as a "non" owner was completely unacceptable! Upon check-in, I was given a basic room that was very dated and was not what I paid for. I called giest services immediately to request the room type that I paid for. After waiting almost 40 minutes on hold, they told me that they didn't have anything available in the class I was dose to get. However, if I paid an upgrade fee they could put me in another room. At this time my family and I are exhausted we just wanted to relax after a long day of traveling. I get new keys, after going through their cell phone check in process (a little crazy). We pack everything back into the vehicle to go to the next room only to find that we walked into a room that had in made beds, dirty towels all over the bathroom floor, bed unmade. Trash cans full in the kitchen. I am a cancer patient and I can't begin to tell you how nervous I became being in such closer contact with a very unsanitary situation/environment during a pandemic. After finally being guest services on the phone. They told us that they didn't have anyone in housekeeping to clean the room Because all of the housekeeping staff was gone for the day, and my only option is to drive back to the climb house and get another room me remind you that they charged me an upgrade fee for this nonsense. I was so disappointed with this stay. My family and I has visited this property for years. This type of treatment really took a toll on our stay. I hope the right person in management read this review and makes it right for my family and i

No, I do not recommend this property.


June 14, 2021

Great for fanily

Our family stay was great was able to relax and was a worry free stay

Yes, I recommend this property.


June 13, 2021

Great fun, clean and comfortable stay.

This place is so great! Book ahead for the best value. We had so much fun and the facility was so clean! I recommend this hotel to all families and couples for a great time!!

Yes, I recommend this property.