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orange lake resort

Orange Lake ResortRental Guest Reviews


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April 23, 2021

Getaway with the Family

We enjoyed an escape from the north for some warm weather down south. The family was long overdue for some R

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 22, 2021

Excellent time

Everything is always great. The food, the drinks, the employees, the room is always clean and the amenities are great

Yes, I recommend this property.


Overall good experience with some odd issues

The grounds, facilities, and common spaces are really nice here. There is a lot to do at the resort and the pools were all fantastic. My biggest concerns were with our room, the frogs (this is the weird part) and check-in. Check in was terrible. We came to the gate and were told where to go, waited in an oddly configured line for a while went to the counter and was told I needed to do a pre-check with a text message? Never got notified by email about it, they said the gate was supposed to tell us. So then I had to go to another counter, did a pre-check in - was about to be handed the keys and then she said oh wait no now you have to do your full check in. Brought be back to the first line, waited again, then was brought over to someone else to check me in with all the same stuff and hand me the keys. I have no idea why I had to go to three different counters just to be handed room keys. Overall a total waste of 45 minutes after traveling all day. Rooms were dated but not terrible. I was in a friend's condo that was recently renovated there and it was very nice. Mine definitely had not been renovated and needed it. We had a whirlpool tub and although I generally avoid hotel bathtubs, I let my daughter use it after begging forever. The moment she turned the jets on, black specs of some substance came flying out and swirled around the water. It was gross, do not recommend using those. Okay the frogs - this was so bizarre and almost comical if not for the incredible annoyance. Every night we came home after dark, there would be 3-7 frogs (tree frogs as well as the bullfrog type) on and around our door. One night we tried to get in, a frog followed us and was really difficult to get out. My kids were a bit freaked out by the tree frog for sure. Again, it's not roaches or anything but trying to shoo frogs away and run into the house before they do every night was certainly a pain after coming home exhausted. Again, picturing it might make you giggle but what a total pain. I couldn't figure out why it was just our unit with the issue either - perhaps proximity to one of the ponds?

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 24, 2021

Great place overall

It is where I go when I go to Florida. Great place

Yes, I recommend this property.

J Koorse

April 27, 2021

Hotel, beautiful.. Staff.. rude

Beautiful 2 bedroom villa Super spacious Lovely variety of pools and activities for the kids Clean, comfortable.. Did I purchase a timeshare, yes.. did I get treated differently afterwards, yes, staff became rude after I got the timeshare. A lot of time wasted at check in.. most of my first day was wasted checking in after I drove almost 16 hours from PA.. other than that we had our fun.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Mom of Hcubed

April 19, 2021

The space we need when traveling

As a family of 5 space is definitely needed while traveling. I love the condos that Orange lake offers. I wasn’t too big on the location this time. It was a bit noisy, busy, and hard to find park at times ( high rise near basketball courts) but otherwise it’s was a good stay

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 26, 2021

Great getaway

Great time place to getaway and recharge. Had a mom and daughter vacation. Did not feel like we had to leave the resort!

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 24, 2021

Best Family Resort

My family vacation a lot and this was honestly one of the best places we ever vacationed at with the children. From beginning to end the staff was great, there were endless things to do with the kids without having to leave the compound. They catered to everyone, there were activities that anyone can do, the restaurants had great food and the possibilities are endless. We’re definitely going back.

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 23, 2021


It is a beautiful resort! Perfect for a family getaway! Much to do right at the resort!

Yes, I recommend this property.


April 14, 2021

Can’t wait to go back!

Family had an incredible stay. Room was spacious and felt like a great place to go “home” to after long days at the theme parks.

Yes, I recommend this property.