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Orange Lake ResortRental Guest Reviews

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December 28, 2013

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Confortable Bed and good service

The only issue at this Hotel and Resort was the unpleasent room odor.

Yes, I recommend this property.


January 1, 2014

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staff always a disappointment

I am owner and have been coming there for many years, and I am still surprised how spotty, and inconsistent the staff is from being warm and friendly to being knowledgeable. This is especially true with the check in/check out staff. Most of them are usually not warm, and inviting. It is very obvious most of them do not care. They are also not helpful. Customer service should be the number one priority, which is certainly not true at Orange Lake, Kissimmee. Otherwise, it is an outstanding facility.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Jeff 71

December 24, 2013

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Time share nightmare

After checking in and offered to receive a "free gift", we were informed that we could receive discounts by attempting information on time stares. It was explained that it would only take 90 minutes. We attended the meeting which ended up being a sales presentation for time shares. After 4 hours of a hard sell, and with kids awaiting for us to actually enjoy our vacation, we signed up. After 24 hours of more careful consideration, and after review the terms of the agreement, we went back to the office to cancel the agreement as permited by the agreement. We signed the proper document and were promised the sale was cancelled. It has not been 10 days, and we have yet to receive a refund for our down payment. The agreement states no penalty if cancelled within the proper time period (10 days). I have tried to reach out to resort staff and they will not respond. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience and how do we proceed to get our refund?? Based on this experience, I would never stay here again unless our money is returned in a timely fashion.

No, I do not recommend this property.


August 24, 2013

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Going Back to Holiday Inn Orange Lake (2nd year in a row)

Just booked again for 2014, after great stay in 2013. We had the best vacation ever last year at Holiday Inn Orange lake. River Island/Water Park - 2 bedroom Suite. This time we plan to stay MORE on-site to enjoy the RIVER ISLAND SUITE. POOL (with great river, waterfall, and fountains, plus optional pool side massages, and scuba clinics). PLUS.. min golf, arcade and other on site amenities, which we didn't have time to do last visit. Last time we planned too many things off site. This time we are coming back for just the Holiday Inn Resort experience. The suite was amazing. Full kitchen, great beds, and TV's. Private bathrooms and more. WiFi internet access. The location was SUPER great. Very close to everything you need for shopping, and access to attractions near by. Having a car is a big plus!! Can't wait to go back to this resort. For those worried about Time Share pressure things. Rest assured, you won't be bothered. Just say you are not interested from the start. We were not pressured in any way last time.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 23, 2013

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Great place to stay!!

This is a stunning, stunning resort. We stayed twice, taking a break in between to travel to the Keys. We were shocked that we paid such a low price for everything your resort offers! We were not able to enjoy anything at the resort the first 3 days that we stayed there as those were our Epcot/KSC days but the one night we stayed there with no other plans we thoroughly enjoyed the resort. Our only comment would be that for the first 3 nights, we stayed on the golf course in one of the villas - we were on the ground floor. The sprinklers go off in the wee hours of the morning (anywhere from 4am on, or at least that's when we heard them# and hit our screen bedroom door each morning waking us up #it's very loud#. Also the mowers start super early. We understand both are necessary evils but feel guests should either be warned of these early hour noises and/or given the choice for a different place to stay. We were unable to fall back asleep after both noises which is an unfortunate part of vacation! Also, every pillow is so hard they were uncomfortable. And lastly, we didn't like all the phone calls for marketing but eventually just unplugged our phones #they started calling very early in the morning, again, not desirable during vacation!# but outside of these things, everything else was stellar and spectacular and we were thrilled to be able to stay there! The staff was wonderful, accommodating, and fabulous #that Penn is especially awesome as are the staff working in guest services). Thank you for an almost perfect stay.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 12, 2013

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Most Amazing Family Vacation EVER!!!

I just want to thank IGH for the my recent stay at the Orange Lake Resort. My family and I stayed for 6 days at the River Island Condos where our experience was top notch all the way. From the minute we walked into our room my wife and I knew we made the right choice for where to stay in the Orlando areas. We had been to Orlando before and stayed on the Disney properties, which was an experience as well, but nothing can compare to our ability to have a great vacation and relax at the same time. When we stayed at Disney, our room and resort was basically a place to gather and sleep. Our stay at Orange Lake turned into being our destination of choice for 3 of our 6 days in Orlando. My kids actually didn't want to go to all the Disney parks again, they wanted to stay at the resort and enjoy the pool and lazy river. They loved it!!!! Also, for being such a great Family friendly resort, I didn't feel overran by kids. There was so much for them to do, they left all the parents alone. My only thing that wasn't to my liking was the rental clubs. I completely intended on golfing 2 of the courses at the resort, but did not want to pay to have me and my wife’s clubs brought on the plan. A few years ago we did pay to bring our clubs to Mexico only to find out the rental clubs were actually nicer than the clubs I had brought down. This was not the case on the Reserve course. The clubs that I played with looked like they were Pawn Shop specials and my wife’s were the same. The bags we got were a hodge podge of clubs just thrown together. Had the clubs been nicer, I would have probably golfed every day. **I learned an important lesson; If I plan to golf to bring my own clubs.** Again, It was a great resort and I will completely visit again. I have already told all of my friends, co-workers and family about how wonderful this resort is and what an incredible deal.

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 14, 2013

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Great option in lieu of Disney World Resorts

I am a Platinum Member and for the most part have always enjoyed great service. My time at this resort was exceptional. From the night I checked in, Andy and Lisandra were amazing and very accommodating. They upgraded me from the 2-bedroom villa to one by River Island. This was very convenient as I have two young boys and they were thrilled to spend time in the pool. I needed a place that with multiple rooms and was excited to have a fully furnished "home" away from home. We spent a week at WDW and I was originally concerned as to whether not staying at a WDW would take much time away from the fun. However, it turns out this resort is minutes away from the parks. Talking with some friends who have stayed at a WDW resort, it turns out the travel time is about the same whether staying at a WDW resort and taking a bus or staying at an outside hotel with a rental car. I chose to stay at this resort even though there were a bunch of review about being pressured into a sales presentation. Yes, I was approached, but just told them there was no way we could attend since we were going to be spending all the time at WDW and we came to make memories with our boys. They were very respectful about it. Last thing, the cost to stay in a 2-bedroom villa on this gorgeous resort was about 1/3 of what it was going to cost me to stay in a 2-bedroom hotel room at WDW. I saved over $2,000 by staying at this resort and am sure the amenities, comfort, and relaxing environment were nothing short of equal to WDW's hotels. Thanks to the team at Orange Lake Resort, my family will be staying here again during our next visit to Orlando!

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 10, 2013

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Exceptionally wonderful winter vacation getaway with grandchildren!!

Our condo was perfectly located at River Island. A wonderful view of two Theme Park firework displays each night! We had every amenity known to mankind both in the condo and on the property. In fact, we scarcely left the property because we really had little need!! The staff was warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Not at all overbearing. For me, I can't remember the last time a slept so well - the beds were amazing. Far more comfortable than many we've paid quite a bit more to sleep in. Above all, we loved this property and while we are not interested in a purchase, we will continue to visit each year as long as we are able! A fantastic time was had by our grandchildren and us and it didn't include a single Theme Park!! Great job Orange Lake!! Thank you all....

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 11, 2013

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Always a great stay

Love coming here. Accommodations are great and lots to do. Could use less of a sell every time we go. Even at check in, when you want to just unpack and relax you have to see Sal so he can go over the hard sell. Keep the 20.00! I am already an owner!

Yes, I recommend this property.


December 8, 2013

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Hole in the Ceiling. Room 5455

As a Platinum member, I used points to stay at the property with my family for a weekend at Disney. Upon arrival, the staff was friendly and the property was well maintained. Check in was quick and the staff was courteous. Upon first view, we were impressed with the room and the view we had. The room was spacious, clean and more than we expected. After we got settled, my daughter told me there was something wrong with the ceiling in the 2nd bathroom. Upon inspection there was a large 14' x 10' #I have a picture of it# hole in the ceiling above the shower. The drywall had split and was hanging down. I was curious how the cleaning staff had cleaned the room and not noticed this. I tried to call the front desk but got an operator who told me she would make a note of it. Thats it.... "I will make a note of it." I would have expected a little more concern or at least an apology for the issue, but none was given. A secondary issue was the front right burner on the stove didnt work. not as big of a deal considering there were 3 others, but should be noted and addressed. I stay an average of 6-10 nights per month in a hotel and have been a loyal IHG member, and regardless of using points or paying, I dont expect to have a room with a hole in the ceiling.

No, I do not recommend this property.