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orange lake resort

Orange Lake ResortRental Guest Reviews


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October 5, 2019

Loved our stay!

Loved our stay for the week. Only thing I didn’t like was the time share encounter. I would have liked to go to my room without being bothered with that after checking in. Other than that everyone was really nice and the room was spacious and comfortable.

Yes, I recommend this property.

Abby S

September 27, 2019

Great 3/3 for Family

Great layout and condo feel. Grounds got us in the vacation mindset right away and stay couldn’t have been better. Comfortable, clean, exceeded expectations.

Yes, I recommend this property.


October 4, 2019

Beyond our expectations

We loved our first stay at Orange Lake! The gentleman who checked us in (Nicholas from California) was excellent! We was able to get us a room in a great location. He was super friendly and knowledgeable about the property. It made for a great start of our trip!

Yes, I recommend this property.


October 1, 2019

Friendly staff

Every encounter I had with staff was pleasant and they were very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Breezes! Their staff was awesome with my children and always had me smiling.

Yes, I recommend this property.


October 1, 2019

Great resort

Nice clean and beautiful .. resort was in budget great property the place is huge. ..................

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 28, 2019

Resort great IHG not so much

The resort was great had a great time fun time. Room wasn’t the cleanest which is not typical because I’ve stayed here several times over the years. My big issue is with IHG the company for booking the room by phone. When I booked my room I was quoted a 2 bedroom and a 3 bedroom villa the price was the same the only difference I was told I would get wrist bands for the tubes at river island, so I took the 2 bedroom. I also was told I won’t be in the multi unit building I would be in villa in west village. When I checked in I was told I was in river island which I will not complain about but then when asked about the arm bands orange lake said IHG never sent any please call them to clarify which I did. The IHG rep said I was misinformed as then said she was going to put her supervisor on the phone while talking to her the call was disconnected and she never called back I made several phone called and spent a few hours trying to straighten this out will not help. Orange lake resort said I have to deal with IHG and IHG kept sending me back to orange lake front desk. Ultimately had to just give up because of wasting too much time. Be aware IHG doesn’t stand behind what they say.

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 30, 2019

Great resort but awful sales

Amazing resort, but the sales people are so pushy and won’t take no for an answer. Don’t even answer the phones because they are so awful. Just ask for your parking pass at check in and be firm.


September 23, 2019

Great resort, lots to do

We had a great stay at Orange Lake Resort. Upon arrival there was a long line to check in but they had a magician/comedian there interacting with the kids (which was great) and passed the time quickly. The room was a great value, 2 bedroom villa on the golf course. There was so much to do on the grounds that you really didn't have to leave for any reason if you did not want to. We did sign up to take the tour which they provided a cash incentive for but they told us it would be 90 minutes max (completely untrue). The tour took over 3 hours which ended up being a mistake since we were only there for a couple days and we spent half our day listening to a sales presentation which we had zero interest in.. Overall, our experience was good at this resort and would recommend it to others but...don't believe them when they tell you the tour is short...

Yes, I recommend this property.


September 23, 2019

Great amenities, terrible service

When we arrive at the hotel they were unable to find our reservation and it took them 2 hours to find it. Once they did find it they said very loudly that our card was declined and that is why they couldn’t find it. They also told us it was IHG’s value. We called IHG and they said that my card was never charged and that the hotel was lying. We were given a late check out of 12pm due to our issues. At 10 we received a rude call stating that we were late to checking out. When I told them that we had a late check out they hung up on me. The whole weekend was ruined to the poor customer service that we received. The lazy river and the hotel rooms were very nice and we enjoyed our waiter while on the resort. Wish we would of had better service from the front desk and the manager that was on duty.

No, I do not recommend this property.

Dr Gari

September 29, 2019

A lot of bumps

My fourth stay here. I do not like providing bad reviews but there were so many hiccups. I had two VIPs with me. We flew on their plane and were greeted quickly with a rental car at the plane's footsteps and drove to the property. There is no elite line, which is not the end of the world as the line goes quickly but still rather understaffed. Upon checkin, they offered us a room they claimed was close to the golf academy and refurbished. They said if the room was not good, just to dial 0 and they would move us to the building we requested by email. We got to the room and it was dirty and DEFINITELY not remodeled as they stated. We called 0 and they said there were no other rooms and they were solidly sold out. I contacted IHG and they said they had more than three of the 3 bedroom units available for sale, which contradicted what they told us. We let them know and they suddenly had another unit magically open. We spoke with Janet and Bridgett who offered us another 3 bedroom unit but it was the same issue and the same area and just as bad. It was old, tired and dirty. Janet also offered us a DOWNGRADE to a "nicer" unit (a 2 bedroom), which was fine with us to get out of the place they put us in. When we called and accepted the offer to go to the 2 bedroom unit, Mario, the front desk manager said that was misinformation. We went back and forth and I told him I accepted the downgrade to get out of the area we were in! He said he had to contact IHG and that it would be difficult. Janet and Bridget had already left for the day. After 3 hours, (it was now 7PM) we asked if someone could meet us with keys at the unit in the area we originally sent the email to be in as we wanted to be near the golf academy! They said that it would take a long time and it would be easier for us to drive to the front desk, so I did. When I explained to Mario some of my frustration and that I had VIPs with me, he just had a blank look on his face. There was no apology, no reimbursement for the difference in price, no extra points to make up for it - nothing - they are not customer service oriented! We were able to enjoy the short stay but we also missed our dinner reservation at the California Grill at the Contemporary and had a $100 cancelation fee but we were extremely happy to be in the smaller unit because that was the original location we wanted and were told we were getting when we made the phone call at the time of booking. On top of all this, we kept getting phone calls from the vacation department trying to convince us to attend their timeshare presentation. They even called and woke us up early in the morning! The place is great and all but the service is extremely lackluster, the rooms can be awful to great, depending on what building they give you and they lie about availability! We just booked another stay for Oct 11/12 but were are staying at another property but still getting golf lessons here as their golf lessons are great! I would not recommend staying here! I may give this another try but the lies, downgrade, bad rooms and horrible service are too many red flags. Very sad as this place has lots of potential. If I stay again, I may edit this review,

No, I do not recommend this property.