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Explore Our Club Experience

Connect more with your family on vacation

Couple sitting in outdoor pool at Oak n' Spruce Resort in South Lee, Massachusetts.Couple sitting in outdoor pool at Oak n' Spruce Resort in South Lee, Massachusetts.

Curious About Our Club?

Our name will tell you we’re all about vacations. But what really drives us is helping traveling families like yours create treasured moments together year after year. Explore the sections below for helpful vacation ownership info and frequently asked questions.

Or, if you’re ready to take a virtual tour*, submit a request to get one scheduled.

What is Vacation Ownership?

Wondering why people like vacation ownership? What the benefits are? How points work? Or maybe what “vacation ownership” even means? Start here.

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Woman holding a small child in their kitchen while a man prepares food on the stove at Williamsburg Resort in Virginia.

What We Offer

Everything we do is done with families–of all kinds–in mind. Check out the resorts, accommodations, experiences, and worldwide partner networks we proudly offer our members.

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Mom and three children sitting on couch in a villa at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Path to Membership

Vacation ownership and timeshare tours can sound complicated, so we’re here to take the mystery out of it all for you.

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Mother and daughter walking down a dirt path towards a resort hotel.

Understanding Costs

We’re not shy about sharing the costs associated with vacation ownership. The more you know about pricing–and lifetime savings–the better informed your decision will be.

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Family walking through the lobby of Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, FL