The South Lake Tahoe region is experiencing record-breaking heat this summer. Our villas are not air-conditioned and may reach temperatures as high as 85⁰F during the day and remain 75⁰F into the night. Some guests find these temperatures uncomfortable. Please consider this in your vacation planning.

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Stay Up to Date on Renovations

We want to make sure you stay in the know on the latest renovation projects. We’ll be updating this page with information about in progress and upcoming projects, including locations and tentative schedules.

Pool and Hot Tub Renovations

Tentative Schedule:

  • Knoll Swimming Pool Resurfacing: Completed
  • Tower Hot Tubs: May through June 2021
  • Cascade Hot Tubs: In process now through July 2021
  • Crest Hot Tubs: Pending larger deck renovation engineering design in 2021. Stay tuned!

Project Details: Your pools and hot tubs will be safer and sturdier than ever as we’re incorporating the latest technologies to meet regulatory requirements. And, while the Tower and Cascade hot tubs are under renovation, the 14 other hot tubs around the resort will be available for your use.

Outdoor pool surrounded by trees and pool chairs at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Tower and Plaza Window Renovation

Tentative Schedule:

  • Plaza: Starts in May with 100% complete by winter 2021
  • Tower: Starts in May with 50% complete by winter 2021 and 100% complete by winter 2022

Project Details: The new windows will improve unit comfort throughout the year, bring in that fresh Tahoe air if you’d like to have them open, and have elements that are safer for your family. And while we are scheduling these renovations to prioritize completion and minimize owner inconvenience, renovations of this scale will temporarily reduce villa availability during the construction season (spring through fall).

Small child looking out window to view Sierra Nevada Mountains at Tahoe Ridge Resort in Stateline, Nevada.

Come back to this page for the latest updates on these projects, as well as other upcoming planned renovations.