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tahoe ridge owners

Frequently Asked Questions

Reservations & Renting Your Villa

How do I make reservations?

We have a dedicated team of Vacation Counselors ready to help you make a reservation for your next fun-filled trip. When you’re ready to book your vacation, please call (888) 377-7982 if you’re a RWVC member, or otherwise (800) 334-1600.

When will I be able to book reservations and see my Points balance online?

Our goal is to make online reservations and account servicing easy to use for all our owners and Club members. We’re in the process of building a new global platform that will restore online services, coming fall 2021. Meanwhile, coming soon to this site we will be adding an Owner Support Agent live chat feature to answer any questions you may have as well as adding a Tahoe Ridge Owner Rental Agreement function online that allows you to submit the form electronically from this site to put your week on the rental market.

How do I book bonus time reservations?

Bonus time reservations can be booked 0–15 days prior to arrival by calling Owner Support at (800) 334-1600 or the RWVC reservation line at (888) 377-7982, subject to availability.

How do I book a rental reservation with my owner discount applied?

Owner rental discount reservations may be booked up to 50 weeks in advance on the IHG® website, subject to availability. Your discount also applies to any resort within the Holiday Inn Club network.

How do I rent out my week?

If you’re not able to use your week this year and would like to put it on the rental market, please call (888) 377-7982 if you’re a RWVC member, or otherwise (800) 334-1600, and request an Owner Rental Agreement form to submit your week for rental. Coming soon, the Tahoe Ridge Owner Rental Agreement form will be available online for electronic submittal.

As an owner at Tahoe Ridge, you have the ability to rent your ownership to family and friends in the event you are unable to travel. Once you determine who will be using your reservation, please contact owner support at 800-334-1600 and provide us with the guest’s name, address, email, and contact number so that we can update the reservation details. Please keep in mind that you are liable for any and all damages beyond normal wear and tear, or any theft resulting from your guest’s occupancy. In addition, if you are advertising your ownership reservation for rent through a third party channel or on your own, you will need to ensure you are not using any trademarks or any other related marks, including those containing the Holiday Inn name and/or related materials.

Interval International

How do I deposit my week with Interval International?

You can deposit your week online at intervalworld.com or by calling (800) 622-1580. This number is specifically for Tahoe Ridge owners and will put you in touch with a senior representative who can provide the highest level of exchange services.

How do I exchange with Interval International as a Resorts West Vacation Club member?

If your account is in good standing, you are automatically enrolled in a membership with Interval International. You can then use your points to shop available destinations on their website at intervalworld.com. For more information, please see the Vacation Exchanges with I.I._Part One tutorial.

What if I don’t see what I want on the Interval International site?

You’ll want to use the Request First option. These matches are assigned in a first-requested, first-reserved order as inventory becomes available in the system. Please note there is an exception if you’re exchanging back into The Ridge Resorts building that you own. In that case, your request is matched before other non-Ridge owners.

Visit intervalworld.com or call (800) 622-1580 to use Request First. Multiple options are required for the best results, so you will need to provide:

  • Three different resort options for one time period
  • Two different resort options for two different time periods
  • One resort option for three different time periods

However, you can always provide more options. Submit as many resort options or time periods as you want for better odds of getting where/when you want to travel.

Banking & Borrowing Points*

How do I bank my points as a Resorts West Vacation Club (RWVC) member?

You’ll call the reservation office at (888) 377-7982 before June 15 of the current year and up to 24 months in advance to request to move your Current Year points into the next Use Year. You’ll also need to make a reservation for the next Use Year using your Current Year and Future Year Use Points to avoid losing your points from non-use.

How do I borrow my points?

You can borrow points if you need more points than you own in a given year. Just call the reservation office at (888) 377-7982 before June 15 of the current year and up to 24 months in advance and let them know you’re borrowing your points from the next Use Year.

Borrowed reservations can be made any time prior to Sept. 15 of the current Use Year if all regular year Resorts West Vacation Club Points have been used and the estimated dues are paid on the borrowed points.

*Please note all banking and borrowing is subject to space availability.

Resort Transition

When was The Ridge Resorts sold?

The Ridge Resorts were NOT sold. Holiday Inn Club Vacations was carefully chosen by the Association to provide management support, particularly in a few key areas, at a critical time in the history of The Ridge. Holiday Inn Club Vacations also purchased unsold developer inventory and assumed existing arrangements to acquire defaulted inventory from the Ridge Resorts associations. In addition, by focusing on greater upkeep of both villas and the grounds, general safety and partnering with your Association, our purpose is to help your resort reach its full and sustainable potential for owners and members. We’ve managed many other resorts and look forward to expanding upon all the great things Tahoe Ridge has already accomplished.

Where can I find out about updates made to the resort?

There are two ways to stay up to date about what’s going on at the resort. You can visit this site for important owner information and resort updates. You can also attend the Owners Coffee Hour, held on property by your resort’s management team, to stay informed about changes planned for the resort.

Who do I contact for Association-related inquiries?

You can contact our Association by emailing AssociationManagement@holidayinnclub.com or calling (407) 395-6462.

What is an owner update presentation?

These one-on-one, personalized meetings are held by Preview Center team members and are designed to give you an in-depth look into Holiday Inn Club Vacations, as well as the additional benefits that come with Holiday Inn Club membership.

How do I update my email address so I can get important updates and reminders?

If you need to update your email address, please call (888) 377-7982 if you’re a RWVC member, or otherwise (800) 334-1600.

Do mid-week cleanings for owners and exchange guests still take place?

Yes! This cleaning is on the fourth day after check-in for owners, members and timeshare exchange guests staying seven days. If desired, additional cleanings can be scheduled through Resort Services for a nominal fee.

Resort Employees

What happened to the employees of The Ridge Resorts after the purchase?

We value our team members as an essential part of the vacation experience. Team members previously working at The Ridge are important to us and became members of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations team.

With that, they gained full access to the benefits we offer all team members, including insurance and 401K. They also have access to life-skill courses and career advancement training through our Academy of Learning and Development. Additionally, they will now be interacting with team members across the country to share best practices and bring them back to your resort.

Loan & Maintenance Payments

How do I make my scheduled maintenance payments?

We at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated are now servicing your payments and maintenance assessments. You can make payments online at pay.hicv.com, via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by calling (407) 477-7101 and using our automated phone payment system.

For questions or support regarding your loan or maintenance payments, please call (407) 477-7101 Monday – Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., or Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (all Eastern time).

How do I pay my dues using Electronic Funds Transfer?

To set up an EFT account, please give us a call at (407) 477-7101 during the times above. Once you’ve signed up, it’s a fast, easy and stress-free way to prepay your dues automatically.

Learn about Holiday Inn Club

Can our owners and club members join Holiday Inn Club®?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in learning more about Holiday Inn Club Vacations, our growing resort network and the many benefits that are available to our Club members, please visit our Preview Center at the resort to schedule an owner update presentation and find out about next steps.

Email Reminders

We periodically email important notifications/reminders and want to make sure you stay up to date. If you need to update your email address, please call (888) 377-7982 if you’re a RWVC member, or otherwise (800) 334-1600. These updates will also be posted to this site, so please check back regularly for the latest information.