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7 Beautiful National Parks to See This Fall

See which parks are best for fall scenery, outdoor adventure and cool weather.

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The sunrise at the Mesa Arch in the Canyonlands National Park makes the arch glow, Utah, USA.The sunrise at the Mesa Arch in the Canyonlands National Park makes the arch glow, Utah, USA.

Welcome to Checking In

Checking In is the place to find everything you’ll need to plan your next family getaway. All brought to you by real families and our family of Team Member travel experts. Make the most of your vacation time by Checking In with us. To see what’s coming up, visit our About page.

A digital rendering of a resort exterior with a pool, palm trees and guests in swimwear.

Resort Visits

A Special Sneak Peek at Our Brand-New Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort

  • Posted August 15, 2022

Get an inside look at our brand-new Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Resort! Find out what makes it special, from ocean views to the multi-level pool and so much more.

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Resort Visits

Celebrating 40 Years of Vacations: Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

  • Posted August 1, 2022

Read the 40-year history of Holiday Inn Club Vacations from our President and CEO John Staten.

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Check In With Us

Are you just as obsessed with travel as we are? Find out how to share your great vacation story on this page. And you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, too.

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The Haby kids riding in the backseat of an open-top Jeep down the Vegas strip.

Travel Tips

Road Trip Tips: Our Best Advice for Families

  • Posted April 19, 2022

Read our best road trip tips for families and couples, including how to do RV travel, packing advice, tips for road tripping with kids and more.

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A woman in a floral dress, two young girls wearing white dresses, and a man in a red shirt and khaki shorts wear hats and sunglasses in a desert surrounded by cacti under a blue, cloudy sky.

Resort Visits

Arizona National Parks: Your Guide to Planning Amazing Desert Adventures

  • Posted April 12, 2022

Plan your Arizona national parks trip with insights and personal experiences from Nikol, as she shares adventures, pro tips, where to stay and more.

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Things to Do

What is There to Do in Orlando When it Rains?

  • Posted April 5, 2022

Find out what there is to do in Orlando when it rains. You'll read 11 fun ways to spend those rainy days, from indoor attractions to shopping and more.

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A young boy (left) and man (right) stand in an attraction queue surrounded by guests in safety masks and mouse ears.

Travel Tips

Single-Parent Vacations: Michael & James’ Story

  • Posted March 29, 2022

If you’re planning a single-parent vacation, read Michael Allio’s story about love, loss, his life now and his recent trip to Orlando with his son.

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A woman snorkels among the aquatic life wearing a wetsuit.

Things to Do

10 Outdoor Things to Do in Orlando This Spring

  • Posted March 22, 2022

See 10 of the best outdoor things to do in Orlando in the springtime. From berry picking to boat tours, you'll get fun, fresh activity ideas.

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Three toddlers in multi-colored rash guards and board shorts run on a sandy beach.

Destination Ideas

5 Best Budget-Friendly Spring Vacations for Families

  • Posted March 15, 2022

Check out these 5 budget-friendly spring vacations as Angelica shares her family’s favorites, from Florida to Delaware to Virginia and more.

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Several people hold their glasses of beer over a table giving 'cheers' to each other.

Things to Do

7 Best Breweries in Orlando for Families

  • Posted March 8, 2022

Check out the top 7 best breweries in Orlando for families, where you can kick back with a craft beer, play games with the kids and enjoy quality family time.

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Virtual Vacations

Join the Well Vacationed: Our New Brand Launch & Video

  • Posted March 1, 2022

Introducing, Join the Well Vacationed, our new brand campaign! Watch this video to see it and all amazing things our vacation ownership Club has to offer.

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Things to Do

Where to Eat & Drink in New Orleans: Restaurants to Visit & Recipes for Home

  • Posted February 22, 2022

Find out where to eat and drink in New Orleans to get a real taste of the city’s classic flavors. Plus, get 4 NOLA recipes to bring home with you.

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Two women stand in a black hallway curated with photography, statues and supportive signage.

Destination Ideas

9 Impactful Places to Visit & Learn About Black History

  • Posted February 15, 2022

Find out the best places to learn about Black history in America and understand the accomplishments and innovations of Black figures in the face of adversity.

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A woman in a green shirt holds a large ice cream cookie sandwich in a restaurant.

Things to Do

5 Iconic Dessert Places in Orlando That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

  • Posted February 8, 2022

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these top 5 iconic dessert places in Orlando, from warm, gooey cookies to decked-out doughnuts and so much more sugary goodness.

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Travel Tips

Is it Better to Travel During the Week or Weekend?

  • Posted February 1, 2022

Find out the benefits of traveling both during the week and the weekend with topics like cost, transportation, activities, lodging and more.

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