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5 Spotify Playlists to Keep You Dreaming of Your Next Vacation

A mother and daughter dancing on a balcony at a resortAesky holding her baby in the air near the pool
Checking In Writer and Editor, Tori Ferrante, stands in front of a white house wearing a purple-gray top and statement necklace.

A walk on a white sand beach. A breath of fresh mountain air. A splash in a sparkling pool on a hot summer day.

There’s no doubt about it—we’re always dreaming of vacation. And what better to go with dreaming and planning your next trip than vacation-themed Spotify playlists to get those family vacation vibes going?

A woman holding her baby in the air next to the pool

Thanks to some suggestions from our Club and team members here at Holiday Inn Club Vacations®, we’ve gathered up and created five playlists full of songs for your listening pleasure.

So, sit back and relax. All you need to do is press play on one of the playlists below to bring your virtual vacation dreams to life.

Simply click on any of the playlist links to head over to our Spotify channel and listen!

White sand beach with a golden sunset off in the distance

1: White Sands and Sunbeams

Imagine sinking your toes into soft sand with waves crashing all around you as you listen to these beachy tunes. Inspired by our Cape Canaveral Beach, Galveston Beach, South Beach, Panama City Beach and Sunset Cove Resorts, this playlist has all the vacation vibes that’ll get you ready for summer days in the sun.

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A nighttime shot of Desert Club Resort with the Las Vegas Observation Wheel in the background.

2: Club Beats

Vegas, baby! Turn up the music and dance the night away with these family-friendly Club beats, inspired by our Desert Club Resort. (And by “Club,” we mean our vacation Club, of course.) Head over to this playlist to get stoked for your next Vegas vacation.

Listen Now

Two rocking chairs on a porch with the mountains in the background.

3: The Great Outdoors

Gear up for your next big outdoor adventure with these nature-inspired tunes, brought to you by our Smoky Mountain, Ozark Mountain, and Oak n’ Spruce Resorts. Just close your eyes and picture yourself taking in the fresh air, surrounded by nature, as you listen to this playlist.

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An orange pool floatie lying in a pool.

4: Summertime Splashes

Turn on the sprinklers and grab the whole family for an epic dance party in the backyard because this playlist is perfect for some serious family fun. These sunny tunes, inspired by our Orange Lake Resort, will bring the spirit of summer vacation right to your speakers any time of year.

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A winding mountain road with lush greenery surrounding it and mountains in the background.

5: Along for the Ride

When you’re ready to hit the road for your next getaway, this is the playlist you’ll want blasting in your car. It’s filled with family road trip classics that’ll make you want to crank up the volume and jam out. Whether you’re headed somewhere fun or just to the grocery store, the whole family will be singing along.

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Are you jammin’ out yet? I know I am. Happy listening!

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Checking In Writer and Editor, Tori Ferrante, stands in front of a white house wearing a purple-gray top and statement necklace.